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New Members

For those who are new to croquet the usual first step is to arrange for a Come-and-Try session.  These can be arranged at any mutually convenient time. Your first time is free.

If you want to come along, please email the Club Secretary at, several days in advance of when you could attend, so that we can arrange for a club member to be available. Alternatively, you may wish to join in on one of the social play sessions, where someone will give you guidance on how to play.

Following your Come-and-Try session, if you wish to continue we will ask you to pay a $30 joining fee and fill in a membership nomination form, proposed by two present members. This will entitle you to attend six social play sessions, or an introductory coaching course of six lessons. Your new member nomination form will be posted on the club noticebord for two weeks before the Committee considers your application. By then we hope you will be eager to join our Club and pay the appropriate membership fee (pro-rata for Club financial year). Mallets are available for borrowing. Members can access the Club at any time. Green fees are not charged for members.

Information for new members can be found by clicking here.

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In short, the usual procedure is:

  1. Attend a free Come-and-Try session.
  2. Ask two members to nominate you as a prospective member, pay $30, and attend six social play sessions, or take an introductory coaching course.
  3. If you then decide to join us, you will be asked to fill in a membership form and pay a membership fee. The current annual membership fee is $300 (which will be charged pro-rata for your first part year). Once this is paid, you have full membership rights.


Visitors who are experienced croquet players are also welcome and are able to play on payment of a $4 green fee. You should check the playing times prior to your visit. Visitors can attend for up to six occasions. Thereafter, special conditions determined by the Club committee will apply.

So, if playing croquet in a lovely environment and making new friends appeals, then do come and join us. All are welcome and players of all ages and experience will find their place at our Club.

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