The Nationals U21 event is to be held at Sandy Bay Club on Jan 20-22, and Croquet Tasmania has decided to hold a concurrent event for the U12 age group.  This is about the age when children can start to enjoy playing the game with other members of their family and perhaps head  off  to the stardom of National and World Championships one day like Jack Williams and the Fletcher brothers .

The U12 Event will be very informal with mentors and advisers available.    So even if the entrants have only played a few times before they will all have fun and learn a lot.

There are no entry fees but entrants may have to pay a daily lawn fee and ideally should be affiliated junior members of their nearest croquet Club.

Entries are still open until Jan 12 but please contact peter.tracey@bigpond.com 0419 672 655 by January 5th with any questions, names of possible entrants etc.

(Intensive training in the 30deg heat at Kingston)

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