LAWN CLOSURE: We hope all members understand the necessity for closing lawns when they are so wet. The Committee is obtaining quotes for the installation of improved drainage of the lawns.

SURROUNDS: Rob McAdam has been mowing our surrounds for many months. He will be away for an extended time from late August and all of September. We need members to take over this role. If you can help! Please let Tim know.

A C PENNANT: A list is on the notice board for members to indicate their willingness to play in the Pennant competition. Not only is it a good way of improving our skills but also allows interaction between other clubs and their members. Games for AC will start at 10am.

There will be three A C Pennant  divisions:

  • A Division:  -3-20 Play is on Wednesday
  • B Division: 8-20 Play is on Thursdays
  • C Division: 16-20 Play is on Tuesdays.

Competition starts for A and B Divisions on the week starting the 17 September.

The starting date and format for C division is still being discussed.

SPRING CELEBRATION: We have a very active social committee this year. They are planning many fun events. On 29 September there will be a Spring Celebration. Games of association will be played in the morning and Golf in the pm. Lunch will be a BBQ. Cost is $10 and drinks extra. Later nearer the date, a sheet will be available for members to indicate if they will be attending this social event.

TCA GOLF HI-LO COMPETITION 21-23 Sept: Closing date is Sept 7. This will be held at Eastern Shore. Entry forms and conditions are at the Club, or can be found at       You can enter online if you wish.

NEW MEMBER: Anna Adams has just joined our Club. Our members welcome you and hope you enjoy your time at KCCC.

TOURNAMENT MANAGERS COURSE: A reminder that Peter Tracy will be conducting this course at 11.30am on Wednesday 22 August. A sausage sizzle will follow and golf croquet will be played after lunch. All members welcome.

TCA GC DOUBLES: was won by Yvonne Shaw and Graham Keating 7-6, 3-7 and 7-2. Runners up were Bob Bye and Rob McAdam. Thank you Tony Hocking for managing this event.

FRIENDLY CHALLENGE: It is good to see a few members have indicated they would like to play in this event. It is not too late for you to enter. Once you have entered, ask one of the others on the list to play and see if you move up or down the ladder. The main thing is to have fun.

SENIORS WEEK: Sorry members! I gave you the wrong date for this event. It will be on the 20 October.

LAWN ETIQUETTE: Regardless of whether you are playing socially or competitively all croquet players should be aware of the basic etiquette, on and off the lawn. ie.

  • 1) Don’t move when another player is about to hit the ball.
  • 2) Leave the lawn from the shortest border and watch where the play is if the games are doubled up.
  • 3) Don’t have your shadow crossing over the area another person is hitting.
  • 4) Don’t stand close to the hoops when waiting for your turn
  • Most etiquette is common sense. Try to be aware of what is happening on the lawns, particularly when games are double banked.

AC LAWS AND REFEREES RE-ACCREDITATION: This will be held on September 10 at New Town Club  from 10am – 3pm. Bring lunch.  It is open to all club members and is a day for re-accreditation of AC referees and anyone interested in the Laws of Assoc. Croquet.

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