TOURNAMENT MANAGERS COURSE: When our Club is responsible for running TCA events, we must provide an Event Manager. Any Club member can take on this task. It may sound daunting but with a little knowledge and understanding the task is made easier. Peter Tracey will conduct a course for potential Team Managers on Wednesday 22 August, starting at 11.30. This should not take more than 30 minutes and it is suggested that a sausage sizzle lunch should follow.  This will be provided by the Club prior to afternoon GC session. If you do not wish to participate in the Managers course but would like to come to the sausage sizzle, there will be a small charge for the sausages.

3RD LAWN: The lease for our Club expires in 2022. We are hoping this will again be renewed for another 10 years. The Committee has decided to investigate the cost and feasibility of establishing a third lawn. This will run on the opposite direction to current lawns, on the sea side flat area, outside our current fence. The Committee feels we need make preliminary costing of the additional lawn now rather than later. Once we know about our lease renewal, further investigation and grant availability will be examined.

SENIORS WEEK: We will hold a “come and try” session during Seniors Week. It will be held on Saturday 20 October. Our social committee are planning to hold high tea on the lawns. More information later.

NEW MEMBER: We welcome Fergal Fleming to our Club. We hope you enjoy your time at KCC.

FRIENDLY CHALLENGE: We are always encouraging players to improve their game, and one member has suggested we play FRIENDLY CHALLENGE games. This is where those interested have a ladder based on current handicaps. You challenge a person higher than you on the ladder and if you beat them you move above them on the ladder. NOTE Handicaps will not change. It is thought players will experience more serious play which may help them to play in pennant competitions.

Ladders can be for golf or association play. Games should be played when formal Club play is not on. Players organize their own match times.

If you would like to enter the Friendly Challenge, place your name, handicap and contact details on the sheets found on the Club notice board. The Club notice board is the board opposite the urn and clock.

UPDATING CONTACT DETAILS: Could all members check that their contact details are correct. A copy of the current contact list is on the desk at the Club.

PENNANT STARTING TIMES: With the pennant season approaching we need to know who is interested in playing in golf and /or association pennant teams. An attempt is being made to change the starting time for all pennant games from 9.30-10 am to 8 am, Please indicate on the sheet at the Club if you are available for both times or just one time. Some members have indicated they will not play if the starting time is 8am.

TCA GC CLASSIC: will be held at the Northern Tas. Croquet Centre from August 17-18. Entries close on August 3. It is a teams event where a team consists of 1 female and 1 male player. The format is: 1 game of mixed doubles, one game between the female players and one game between the males. See website for more information.

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