CLUB BARBEQUE: Those who attended this function had an enjoyable evening, good food, drink games and company. The Club raised just over $500.

AGM: This will take place at Club rooms on Saturday12 May, starting at 10am. Appliction forms to fill positions are available at the Club. Fill out the nomination form and have a seconder sign it.

CLUB ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIPS: Entry forms have been sent by email and are also available at the Club. Closing date 18 MARCH, 2018.
The draw will be completed by 27 March.
NOVICE CHAMPIONSHIP- for those players who have been playing association for less than 2 years, have a handicap of 16+, and who have not won this event before.

Subs must be paid before playing in the Club Championships.

2018/19 CLUB SUBSCRIPTIONS: These are due on 1 April and must be paid by 30 April.

Full Membership: $222
Associate Membership $87
Junior Membership: $74
Social Membership: $20
Novice Membership: $135 Pro rata accounts will be given to those members eligible at the time the sub is due.

WORKING BEE: 7 April starting at 9.30am. A guide for jobs which need doing will be placed at the club. If you feel other chores should be done, please do them. If you can’t make that day, and would like to contribute to the working bee, go at a time suitable for you. For insurance purposes place W B (working bee) on the lawn fee list.

NORTHERN TASMANIAN CROQUET CENTRE RAFFLE: All clubs have been sent tickets to sell. 1 for $2 and 3 for $5. There are 11 prizes. Raffle is to be drawn at Easter. Club members are encouraged to support this raffle as funds will be used to improve Tasmanian croquet. Tickets are at the Club in a box. Please leave stubs and money in box when tickets are sold.

WOMEN’S AND MEN’S GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS: These will be held from April 13-15. The men’s will be at Kingston Club and the Women’s at Northern Croquet Centre.
Entries close  30 March. Cost is $15

LAWNS NOT AVAILABLE: The TCA Men’s Golf Championships will be held at Kingston Club from 13-15 April. No lawns will be available for social play during this time. Spectators welcome.

PAPER TOWELS: The Club is selling paper towels for .50c each. These are too large to place in the Club dispenser. Place money for these in the trade table jar.

DEFIBRILLATOR: Most members would be aware of the defibrillator on the wall at the Club. St John’s will conduct a session on how to use this important acquisition on 9 April 2018 at 12.30. Margie Jacobson from St Johns will conduct this session. Play will continue once this session is completed.If you can’t make this session a couple of our own Club members have offered to run another session on how to use the defibrillator at a later date. Please try to come as it could save a life. Thank you Sally for filling in the grant forms which allowed us to gain this vital piece of equipment.

was won by Sue Beattie, runner up Ian Basset. (NTCC)

5-20 was won by Tim Parker, runner up Sue Pearson (ESCC).
9-20 was won by Doreen Briant (NTCC), runner up Peter Tracey.
16-20 was won by Sally Liggins, runner up Elaine Anderson (ESCC)

A Division: 2nd
B1 Division: 4th
B2 Division: 3rd
C Division: 1st

 MEN MEMBERS (SEXIST-YES): Our sheds need a good clean out. The women of the club work on a house keeping roster, whilst many of our male members do not contribute to the everyday upkeep of our club’s sheds/equipment. If you feel you would like to help in this area could you let Bob, Larry, Tim or Peter Tracey know. At times I am sure they would be grateful for an extra hand.  

Over the last two weeks severe damage has been done to our lawns. Malcolm, our green keeper has had to dig up the damaged area and replace it with new grass clumps. This is a difficult task.
If you accidentally damage the lawn and can not fix it, please let a committee person know. If one is not at the Club write information on the Club exterior notice board or phone Peter, Bob, Larry or Tim.. The sooner the lawn is repaired the better chance of the grass growing.

You may have heard of the Entertainment Book, available in all states, which has savings offers for dining, shopping, accommodation, car hire, activities.  We receive 20% of sales which helps us raise money for our Club which we use to purchase equipment.  The new edition will be launched in May but you can pre-order and receive extra early bird vouchers which can be used immediately.  These books also make useful presents for family and friends and they are available for all States on the order page.

I recommend the digital edition – it can be loaded on  two phones and it means  you always have it with you when dining out so you can check what’s available in any area  you are in and updates throughout the year are easily added.  Should you purchase a digital edition your early bird offers will be updated automatically to your phone.

11 March-24 March:  Deidre and Toni
25 March-7 April: Sally and Jessica
8 April-22 April: Gwen and Graeme
23 April-6 May Sue Beattie and Elaine



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