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Customs, Etiquette and Laws

Customs, etiquette and laws


As a guide to new players to pennant and other competitions, and a reminder to experienced players, the following customs, etiquette and laws should be followed:

  1. It is the custom to do the toss (Law 8) on the court.
  2. In doubled up games all players should carry suitable ball markers.
  3.  A second game should not start within 5 minutes of the commencement of the other game and the striker’s partner should be ready to mark balls in either game. {Law 52(d)}.
  4. Don’t stand in or walk past a player’s line of aim. In double-banked games be aware of other players on the court {Law 52(d)1}.
  5. Spectators should be seated away from players and referees so as to be seen not to give advice {Tournament Regulation 14(2)}
  6. A striker must play their strokes with reasonable dispatch {Rule 49(a), Tournament Regulation 14.7, and Official Ruling on the Laws of Croquet (ORLC) 49}.
  7. In double play, time must not be wasted in prolonged discussion or instruction {Rule 49(b)}.
  8. It is etiquette at the end of your turn to leave the court at the nearest point.
  9. The out-player is to be ready to walk on the court anticipating as far as possible which ball he will play next {Rule 49(a)}.
  10. Always yard in the ball with your back to the court {Law 12(e)}.
  11.  Always call a referee or the opponent (if no referee) when a questionable or hampered stroke is being played {Law 48(d)2}.
  12. Give precedence to a player making a break {Law 52(b)1}.
  13. Mark balls in the other game if any chance of being hit in your play {Law 52(c)} after asking permission from the player.
  14. Do not interfere when a referee is making a decision {Tournament Regulation 14.10}.
  15. Turn of your mobile phone before starting a game.
  16. Arrive at the venue in good time {e.g. with pennant at least 15 minutes prior to official starting time}.


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