Information for New Members

New Members Welcome






Monday to Friday    10:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Saturday                 10:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Sunday                    Coaching and practice

Full details can be found under Play Croquet -> Games on our website.

Lawns are available for practice at other times.

Availability of lawns may alter due to competition or maintenance.

The season runs from opening day in late August until late April.

Days and times of winter play may differ from those in the season.

On arrival at the Clubhouse for any reason, members are required to sign the attendance book.

To be included in social play, members should place their name-tags in the appropriate bag. The draw is conducted 10 minutes prior to play, that is, 9:50 am and 12:50 pm.

Name-tags should be returned to the board after the draw.



Club uniform is predominantly white with the Club colour red. The Club also has specially designed cloth Club badges. Please contact the Club Secretary for details.

Flat-soled closed sports shoes are essential.

Club uniform is encouraged but optional for all competitions, and is generally not worn for Club organized games where a draw is conducted.



Visitors are welcome and may play on payment of a fee. See By-laws for details.



Members have access to the Club by a key supplied on payment of a deposit. Should membership cease, the key should be returned and the deposit will be refunded.

The last person leaving the Club is responsible for checking that all lights and switches are turned off and for locking the property.



Members are required to sign their name in the attendance book.

Members helping on a voluntary basis, for example, gardening or clean up day, are also required to sign in.

These signatures are necessary for insurance purposes.



Croquet is not generally a dangerous sport, but mallets are heavy and balls, pegs, hoops, and dividing fences are prominent on the lawn.

Members should take all reasonable precautions to avoid injury to themselves and others. Any hazards should be reported immediately to the Club committee.




Should an accident or emergency occur, an incident form should be completed and lodged with the secretary.

Forms are kept in the Clubhouse beside the first aid kit and are also available on the Club website.



Croquet Tasmania Inc. Public Liability Insurance Policy ‘protects all members, other associated club members and guests and voluntary workers.'

The Sandy Croquet Bay Club Inc. policy is that personal property is the responsibility of the ‘owner member’.

Privately owned mallets kept at the Club are nominally insured against fire. Excesses apply.

Mallets should be clearly named.



Registered coaches conduct coaching sessions for prospective, new and existing members.

Private coaching can be arranged.

Names of coaches are displayed on the noticeboard and Club website.



Members can enter Club, State and National and International tournaments.

Details are usually emailed to members, and displayed on the noticeboard and website as they come to hand.



The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting in May and meets monthly.

Names of committee members are displayed in the Clubhouse and on the webpage.

There are sub-committees with specific responsibilities and members are encouraged to stand for positions.



The annual subscription is set at the Annual General Meeting and payable by August 1.



These are to be completed annually and returned with payment of the annual subscription.



It is responsible for the smooth running of the kitchen and organizing rosters and functions within the Club: for example, opening day morning tea and Christmas lunch.



A volunteer member acts as the Club's cleaner, but all members are asked to be responsible for keeping the Clubhouse clean and tidy.

Members are strongly encouraged to sign up for a slot on the Small Duties Roster. Duties are displayed in the kitchen.

If dates do not suit, members are able to change with one another.



It is a member's choice whether or not their phone number, address and email are to be used in a membership list or any publication made by the Club. Please refer to our Club's Privacy Policy on the website.



Current information is periodically sent to those members on the email list. If you do not have email, we encourage you to make an arrangement with a member who does, to pass on information.

Noticeboard: It is essential to read the notice board regularly for all information. Private notices are not allowed.

e-mail: [email protected]


Croquet Tasmania regularly posts news and information on its website during the year (also see their menu at the top of this page).



These can be a distraction for players. Please turn them off (or turn to silent) when playing or spectating.



A selection of books is available for members’ use at a small fee. The borrowing book is to be signed. Book donations are always welcome.



Booklets, books and visual aids are available on the same basis. There is a time limit of two weeks.



The committee welcomes suggestions of a substantive nature. A form is available in the Clubhouse and on the Club website.



These can be directed to committee members at any time.