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What Croquet Tasmania Members are asking, suggesting or complaining about

What's in a name? - Your opinion please.

From Sylvia Wing (St. Leonard's Club) July 7 The NTasCC has registered a business name “Tasmanian Croquet Centre” What do members think?   Click HERE to tell us ================================================ From  Graeme Denehey,    (Kingston Club)  July 8 It is...

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HiLo Doubles Competition Conditions.

(Opinion from Sally Liggins, Kingston Club Dec 2 2018) I would like to see the conditions for the AC Hilo Doubles competition changed. The AC HiLo Doubles is one of the more important events on the CT Calendar especially as it can be a very good confidence and...

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The New AC Medals Format & Recent Competition.

From Jenny Parrott - Tournament Manager for AC Bronze medal event, Sandy Bay Oct 13-15 The parameters for the AC Medals Competition should be set before entry, especially for the Bronze medal. Bronze players should have an event of their own if CT  want to encourage...

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Event Scheduling Clashes

Sadly, we are unable to enter the TCA Golf Croquet singles championships as there is a clash with the ACA (AC) doubles being held in Melbourne at the same time. The ACA (AC) doubles and Open are always held mid November and all the other states endeavour not to run...

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Pennant Teams 1 per Club - Additional Comments

July 5th 2017 From Ian and Lizzie Bassett New Town Club  We are writing as  members of Tas Croquet. We feel very strongly and believe that there should be one team from each in division from each club. Clubs may decide to rotate, if that is their wish. Players should...

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Winter Competitions ? Additional comment

July 5th 2017 Sally Liggins KCC AC players in the more senior grades can compete in a Sunday Competition held over the Winter months at New Town.  It would be good to see a similar weekly competition for lower grades – we could get regular games against other players...

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Well done re the State Newsletter!

The July State Newsletter is a welcome contribution to our croquet community.  We will all benefit from the opportunity of finding out what our sister clubs are doing and what is happening in Tasmania and on the Mainland too. Thank you to the editor!  

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