WELCOME BACK: Many of our members have returned from holidays The Club hopes you had a good time and have come back ready for the 2017-2018 Season.

WORKING BEE  Saturday 2 September. This will start around 9.30am and we usually work till lunch time, after which social games will be played. The more members who help means the better our Club will look. A list of jobs to be done will be displayed at the Club. If you have anything else you feel needs doing, please do it. If you can’t make it on Saturday, you are welcome to do any work needed doing at any time that suits you.

OPENING OF THE SEASON:  Saturday 9 September, starting at 10am. A guest will run a hoop, morning tea to follow, so please bring a plate of food to share. After this, social games of both Association and Golf will follow. This is a good time to mingle with members we may not have met.

COACHING: Peter Tracey will give tuition on Wednesdays, starting around 4pm. This will commence on the 27 September. Sue Beattie has already given a few coaching sessions and will be conducting an Association session on 23 September commencing at 9.30am continuing UNTIL WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.. On 30 September a golf session will be available, commencing around midday. ALL ARE WELCOME TO ANY OF THESE SESSIONS.

WOMEN’S AND MEN’S MEDALS: Entries for this event close on 30 August. The Women’s event will be held at Eastern Shore, whilst the men’s event is at NTCC. Conditions and a few entry forms are at the Club and can be downloaded from the Croquet Tasmania Website. .

PENNANT; Association Pennant season starts on the week 19 September. A copy of the draw is at the Club and on the Croquet Tasmania Website. Pennant games will be played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If games are played at home, one lawn will be available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, whilst on Wednesday it is hoped one lawn will be available in the afternoon for social play.

NEW CLUB TOPS AND CLUB NAME TAGS: Cathy Norris and Di Hollier are organizing these purchases for members. Tops will cost around $35, whilst name tags around $10. If interested in purchasing any of these, please let Cathy or Di know.

LONG LIFE MILK: The makers of Long Life Milk recommend use for 5 days after opening, after this time would members empty the carton and then place it in the recycling bin. If you open a new carton of Long Life Milk, please write the date opened on the carton. This will enable members to know if the milks is still safe to use.

ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS: The sale of these books raised $923. Thank you Elaine for managing this wonderful fundraising event. The Committee would also like to thank an ex-member, Doug Frazer, for purchasing numerous books for his friends and family. Thanks Doug.

KATHLEEN LINES: thanks all whose Club members who sent her birthday wishes. It made her birthday more special.

LAWN CLOSURE: It has been decided not to close our lawns.

HOUSEKEEPING ROSTER:                                                          

13-26 August :Patricia and Jan Jagar
27 August-9 Sept: Connie and Kerry Pohle
10 Sept- 23 Sept: Robbie and Kaysa
24 Sept- 7 Oct Deidre and Toni

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