RAFFLE The Club raised $100 for the recent raffle. Thank you to those who donated prizes and congratulations to the winners.:

  • 1st May Queen Picture       Barbara Johnson
  • 2nd Bottle of Champagne   Lee Turner (East Launceston
  • 3rd Red wine                       Tim Parker
  • 4th Entertainment voucher   Robin Eaves
  • 5th Entertainment voucher Margaret Pinkard

PENNANT Draft Draws are on the Web   The final draws will be emailed as soon as they are available  (probably  later in the week of August 7th)

Please note the B1 golf croquet will be played on Wednesdays and the team will be playing 3 matches up north-either at NTasCC at St Leonards or at East Launceston. If this will be a problem please let Bob Beattie or Cathy Norris know now. B Division Association will play one match at NTasCC at St Leonards.

If you have not put your name down for pennant and wish to play, let Bob or Cathy know. When draws are finalized they will be emailed  to members ASAP.

 KCC OPENING  DAY: To be held on 9th September at 10am. On this day will be having  a morning tea and fun mixed games. Members are asked to bring a plate to share.

WORKING BEE: Saturday 2nd September. This is a chance to prepare our Club for the coming season. The more members who help the more we can get done. More information next newsletter.

SOCIAL PLAY STARTING TIMES: Morning starting time is 10am and afternoon 1 pm. Please try to be at the club 10 minutes before this time in order that the draw can be done. If you come late, it may mean you are not able to play. In social play, the draw is done randomly. An experienced player may be playing a new or inexperienced player. If you are the experienced player, you may be able to assist your opponent in play technique and tactics. Remember it is social play.

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS: The tournament sub- committee plans to run the club’s golf championships in October/November. This will spread the number of matches to be played more evenly through out the year. It will also give golf players a competition before the start of their pennant season.

COME AND TRY SENIORS’ WEEK :  Keep this date free Tuesday 17 October. We will have a come and try session from 1pm and 4pm on this date. Your help would be appreciated.    

LAWN CLOSURE: This is still expected to happen late July or August.It depends on weather and the recommendations of those looking after our lawn.  Members will be informed as soon as a definite time is set.                                                     

COACHING SESSIONS: Both Peter Tracy and Sue Beattie will be willing to coach members in golf croquet.  Starting time is September and is open to all members. More information later.

FORUM: This is a new addition to croquettasmania@gmail.com  website. FORUM allows members to give suggestions, discuss things which worry or you feel are positive, put forward new ideas and get feedback from other interested croquet players. You need not name yourself unless you wish. Go to croquettasmania@gmail.com/forum/website to view and to use Forum.


  • 16- 29 July             : Marge and Hilary
  • 30 July-12 August  : Eraine and Miranda
  • 13 -27 August :        Patricia and Jan Jaegar



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