GOLF CROQUET CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS: These will be played during golf playing days, so social players may be restricted to ONE lawn. The Committee would encourage you to use twilight time for extra social play. On Friday 27 October and 3 November no lawns will be available for social play till the afternoon.

HARD WORKERS: The Committee would like to extend our thanks to all members who put in extra efforts in the running of our Club. This month Peter Tracy has spent many hours changing the hoop places and marking new lines, whilst Sue Nolan and her husband have trimmed the bank area of our grounds. Many other members do other jobs around the club. Your efforts are appreciated.

NEW CLUB SHIRTS: Those of you who ordered new shirts should now have them. We purchased these locally at the Tas. Work Wear Shop, 61 Channel Highway, Kingston, opposite Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant. If you would like to order either a short ($30) or long ($35) sleeve club shirt you can go to go to the shop and try on shirts for sizes. Then contact Di Hollier and she will place an order. (phone-0402091840) She needs six shirt orders to place an order.

MELBOURNE CUP EVENT: On Tuesday 7 November, we will have a Melbourne Cup Function at our Club. Starting at 2pm, we ask members to bring a plate to share, take part in a sweep, and watch the race. There will be a Melbourne Cup Hat parade and a prize for the best hat. Social games will also be played. Hope you can make it.

CLUB ORIENTATION AND ETIQUETTE SESSION: Tim will be conducting a session for all interested members in lawn etiquette and things to do in the clubrooms. Included will be the opening and closing of blinds, setting alarms, writing down what cleaning or tea /coffee need replenishing, problems created by groups standing around hoops, entering and leaving lawns and many other concerns which may help the club run smoothly and can save money for the club. Before setting a time, Tim would like to know any other things members might like to be mentioned at this session.

NEW MEMBER: We would like to welcome Graziano (Rocky) Zanini to our club. All Club members  hope you enjoy all aspects of Club activities.

AUSTRALIAN UNDER 21 GOLF CROQUET CHAMPIONSHIP: (a first for Tasmania) Kingston Croquet Club and Sandy Bay Croquet Club will be hosting the Under 21 Golf croquet Championships on January 20-22 January 2018. This is will be the third time it has been conducted and the first time held here in Tassie. We have three potential entrants for this competition, but it is not too late for other prospective persons to train for this event. You may have a friend or family member who may be interested in trying out for this event. If so please let Peter know. Edward Wilson from an Adelaide Club won the first Under 21 golf croquet championship event and went on to represent Australia at the World Under 21 Championship held in New Zealand. In the Australian rankings he is now 3rd in Golf croquet and 5th in Association croquet. More information on this event later.

HOUSE KEEPING: Please note there is a pad on the fridge for writing down any cleaning product we may need at the Club. Sue will check this list and purchase products as we need them, so if you run out of anything please write it on the list. Thanks.

8 Oct-21 Oct Barbara Johnson and Jessica
22 Oct-4 Nov Elaine and Sally
5 Nov-18 Nov Heather and Connie
19 Nov- 2 Dec  Gwen and Graeme









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