DEVONPORT FAREWELL SUMMER TOURNAMENT: will be held on 26 January 2019, starting at 9 am. Cost is $25 and includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch. Both association and golf croquet will played. For more information go the croquettas website or contact [email protected]

GOLF CROQUET CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS: Some events are still to be finished. Peter T will be contacting those involved and organizing a time for these to be played.

BUNNINGS BARBEQUE: A very successful fundraiser was held at Bunnings last Saturday 5 Jan. Over $700 was raised. Thank you Neil for organizing this fund raiser, and thanks to those who helped at this event. We have three more bookings at Bunnings and volunteers are needed to work at the BBQ. Dates are: 25 Jan, 22 Feb. and 22 March. If you can help on any of these dates please contact Neil Pinkard.

CHRISTMAS LUNCH: The Social Committee would appreciate feed back on how members and partners or friends enjoyed the venue and the activities at our Christmas Luncheon. Please let Deidre know, as the Social Committee have already commence planning next year’s event. Both positive and/ or negative feedback would be helpful.

AC STATE TEAM MEMBERS: Congratulations to Elaine, Sue, Heather, Bob and Tim. All have been selected in the AC State team to compete in the Australian Nationals being held in W A. in March. A squad of 9 were chosen. Kingston has a very good representation. We wish them good croqueting.

UNDER 21 GOLF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: Two of our junior club members Jamie and Miley are currently playing in the Golf Croquet Under 21 Competition, being held in Adelaide. We wish them well.

GOLF CROQUET PENNANT COMPETITION: January. Div 1 is commences on Thursday 24 Jan, Div 2 on Wednesday 30 Jan, Div 3 on Tuesday 29 Jan and Div 4 on Wed 6 Feb.

It is important that social players check the outside white board to see if lawns are available for social play.

Would captains of the teams please write lawn usage time on this white board. Thank you.

GOLF CROQUET RULE CHANGES: There have been a number of changes to the current rules of Golf Croquet. Peter and Graeme will go through these changes on Monday 21 January and Wednesday 23 January, at the Club, starting at 12 noon. All golf croquet players should attend one of these sessions in order that you will be familiar with the new rule changes.

CLUB BARBEQUE: This will be held on Thursday 21 February, starting around 3.30pm. The committee will provide sausages, coleslaw and dinner rolls. Would members bring a salad to share and a piece of fruit cut up to be placed in our annual fruit salad dessert. Cost is $10 and drinks are at your own cost.

AC DIVISIONAL SINGLES: This event will be held at Sandy bay Club from 15-18 February. Cost is $15. There are 3 divisions: Div A Handicap Level5-20, Div B Handicap Level 9-20 and Div C Handicap Level 16-20. Entries close 1 February. See for conditions and entry forms.

SOUTH WEST ROCKS VISITORS: A group of around 16 visitors will be coming to our Club for games and lunch on the morning of 8 March. Members are encouraged to come and join in play with the group. Could you bring a plate of finger food to share. More details next news letter.

JOBS TO BE DONE AT CLUB: A reminder to all members that there are jobs which need to be done to tidy up our Club and grounds. Your help would be appreciated. If there is rubbish needing to go to the tip, would you let Bob B or Peter T know as they will bring their trailer up to the Club. This rubbish can then be loaded straight onto the trailer.

YOUR EFFORTS ARE APPRECIATED: The Committee would like to thank a number of members for the hours of work they have done at the Club during 2018. Rob, for mowing the surrounds, Tim, Russell and others for the marking of our lawns, Bob and Peter for setting hoops and liaising with specialists re problems we have had with our lawns, Elaine and Sue for coaching members of our Club, Graeme for running law classes. One of our newest members Gary, mowed the bank for us during the Christmas break. I may have forgotten mentioning some of you, but your efforts are appreciated.

HOUSE KEEPING: At the last meeting of our committee it was decided to de -gender our house keeping roster and include men on this task. At times a male member will combine with a female to do the house cleaning. I will start this roster commencing with our next newsletter. If anyone has a problem with this or has a person they wish to work with, could you email, phone or tell me so as your wishes can be acted on. There will be a group of men who will not appear on the roster as they already contribute time and effort in the continual running of the Club.

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