Croquet Referees

Accredited Association and Golf Croquet Referees

as at 20 Nov 2018

AC Referees:
AC Umpires:
GC Referees:
RC (Ricochet) Referees:  Heather Myers

East Launceston
AC Referees:  Denis McDonald, Kevin McDonald
AC Umpires:
GC Referees: Lee Turner, Ruth McKean, Grant Willson, Denis McDonald, Kevin McDonald 

Eastern Shore
AC Referees: Pam Hamilton, Hazel Lloyd, Ian Smith, Helen Philpott, Sue Pearson, Liz Smith
AC Umpires:
GC Referees:  Daryl Jacobs, Ian Smith, Sue Pearson, Pam Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, John Colquhoun, Elaine Anderson 

AC Referees:  Bob Beattie,  Elaine Roomes, Graeme Denehey
AC Umpires:  Rob McAdam
GC Referees:  Graeme Denehey Gwen Denehey, Patricia McNeil, Elaine Roomes, Peter Tracey

AC Referees:
AC Umpires: Joan Gill, Geoff Kingdon, Bob Godfrey
GC Referees: Patsy Paine, Joan Gill, Gina Kirkland, Tricia Vierra, Bob Godfrey

New Town
AC Referees: Elizabeth Bassett, Ian Bassett
AC Umpires: Doreen Briant, 
GC Referees: Henry Burbury, Elva Hutchinson,  Elizabeth Bassett , Ian Bassett

Royal Park
AC Referees:
AC Umpires:
GC Referees:

Sandy Bay
AC Referees:  Bill Neilsen, Peggy Roberts, Graham Keating
AC Umpires:  Elizabeth Brinsdon
GC Referees: Kaye Denny, Hugh Denny, Tim Sprod, Graham Keating

St Leonards
AC Referees:
GC Referees: 

St. Helens
AC Referees:
AC Umpires:
GC Referees:




Director of Association Croquet Refereeing Lizzie Bassett Examining Referees: Association Croquet Eastern Shore Pam Hamilton, Kingston Graeme Denehey New Town Ian Bassett, Lizzie Bassett Director of Golf Croquet Refereeing Graeme Denehey. Examining Referees: Golf Croquet Eastern Shore Pam Hamilton, Kingston Graeme Denehey. New Town Elizabeth Bassett, Ian Bassett Latrobe Bob Godfrey

Types of Referees as Specified in Conditions for a Tournament

Referees on request, who generally may act only at the invitation of a player.
They are said to be inactive when first authorized. They become active when responding to a request by a player to exercise a power or a duty or, exceptionally, they intervene in a game.
They become inactive again when they quit the court believing that their duties have been discharged.

Supervising Referees, who may act on their own initiative and thus are always active for games they are supervising.
A supervising referee who looks after only one game is also called a referee in charge.

Refereeing In Tasmania
Most Croquet Tasmania-organised competitions require referees to adjudicate and therefore there is a high demand for players or retired players who are qualified as referees to act in that capacity.

People who volunteer to act as referees are required to sit a qualifying exam that includes both theory and practical work.

CroquetTas has appointed a Director of Refereeing (see Office Bearers in Officialdom Page) who is responsible for all aspects of refereeing in the State including the conduct of examinations, the appointment of referees for tournaments and the conduct of training and refresher courses.

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