Congratulations to recent Winners:

ACA AC Bronze Medal:  Callum Hyland (Sandy Bay). Runner-up:Leigh Herington (New Town).

AC Women’s Championship: Sue Beattie  (Kingston).  Runner-up Elaine Roomes. (Kingston).

AC Men’s Championship: Ian Bassett (New Town). Runner-up: Leigh Herington (New Town).

AC Open Championship: David Wise (South Australia). Runner-up Ian Bassett

AC Full Bisque: Noel Davies (Eastern Shore). Runner-up: Peter Tracey (Kingston).

AC Ted Nicholas Memorial Novice: Peter Speare (Nambour, NSW) .  Runner-up:John Lee-Archer (Devonport) .   – N.B. Four of the seven AC novices who entered  the event belong to the Eastern Shore Club.

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