State Teams

Association Croquet Team 2017-18

To play in the Eire Cup

South Australia

20 to 25 March 2018

Sue Beattie Vice captain.

Lizzie Bassett

Elaine Roomes

Liz Smith

Heather Lovell

Callum Hyland Captain

Ian Bassett Team coach.

Rob McAdam

Ian Smith

Bob Beattie


Golf Croquet Team 2017-18

To play  in the Interstate Shield

Queensland August 30  Sept 10 2017

Lizzie Bassett

June Pongratz

Yvonne Shaw

Kaye Jeffery

Patsy Paine

Ian Bassett

Graham Keating

Tim Parker

Hugh Denny

Peter Tracey

Graham Keating was Tasmania’s rep. in the ACA GC Gold Medal

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