New Town Croquet Club Winter Association Competition
The New Town Winter Competition will be run on the Sundays over winter starting on
Sunday June 16th, 2019
There will be two games played each day with the first game starting at 9:30am and the
second game starting at 12:30pm. These will be 2 ½ hour timed games.
The competition entry fee is $2 per game. The competition fee will go into a prize pool that
will be awarded to the top three competitors at the end of the competition.
Green fees of $4 per day (for both members and visitors) are payable to the New Town Club.
This year’s standard point scoring will be as follows:
• A win is worth 5 point.
• If at any time a player peels any ball through 4 back, penultimate or rover, each is
worth 1 bonus point.
• A completed (pegged out) triple peel (or triple peel of an opponent ball) is worth 5
bonus points.
• A sextuple peal is worth 15 bonus points.
• Bonus points for unusual peels (quadruple, quintuple, sextuple etc.) may be
negotiated with the tournament managers.
• If 1 back, 2 back or 3 back are pealed when attempting an unsuccessful quadruple,
sextuple peel etc., each is worth 1 bonus point.
However… this year (to make us all work harder), a player’s handicap will affect whether or
not they get the amount of points specified above. To be specific, any player with a handicap
of less than 2 will only receive Half Points, and a player with a handicap greater than 7 will
get Double Points.
There will a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize awarded at the end of the competition.
Half of the prize pool will go to the person who averages the most points for each game
played by them over the duration of the competition, One Third of the prize pool to the
person with the 2nd highest average, One Sixth to the person with the 3rd highest average.
To be eligible for a prize, the competitor must have played at least 10 games.
To enter the competition or if you require further details, please contact Ian Bassett either via
email at [email protected] or by phone on 0428575269

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