Croquet: The Game

Croquet is an outdoor sport played on a grass court

Players use a mallet to score points by hitting balls through a series of six hoops.

The game is for two (singles) or four (doubles) players.

In addition to scoring hoops, the aim is to prevent the opposition from scoring, thus introducing tactical play.

There are several variations of croquet:

Association Croquet

The most tactical game and played internationally.
See Simplified Description Or the actual Laws (pdf).

Golf Croquet

A simpler game, competitive, lots of fun and now played internationally.
See Simplified Rules Or the actual Rules (pdf).

Aussie Croquet

A shorter version of the tactical game developed for schools but often used as an introduction to croquet. See Aussie Croquet.


A simple and fun game invented by John Riches to introduce croquet. See Ricochet Rules.


A team game of ten players a side introduced from Japan, using different equipment. Read about Gateball in Australia.

See Croquet Australia and Oxford Croquet for more useful information re rules and coaching.


Note: If you “google” croquet you will find more references to croquet information, including videos. Americans use different terms and slightly different rules, but the idea is the same!

Tasmanian Croquet Venues

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