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Croquet is a sport which has been around in its present form since the 1850s

  • It doesn’t require any special physical strength.
  • Men and women, young and old, can play on equal terms and kids love it.
  • It is a sport for individuals, families, social groups, business groups, service clubs and everyone.
  • It is an inexpensive means of getting regular exercise.
  • It is played in the open air throughout the year, in all weather(but it can be played indoors using pucks instead of balls).
  • It is played both socially and competitively.
  • Many croquet skills, physical and tactical, are found in other sports such as golf, bowls, chess and billiards.
  • It is played in all States of Australia and many countries of the world.

The Game

Learn about the game of croquet and some of its variations here.


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Latest Statewide and Club News

Latest News

Successful Masters Games

After a week  where 8 separate competitions were run , 98 games were played and  21 competitors won  medals  we can say that the Australian Masters Games Croquet was a success. Congratulations to Graham Keating who entered 4 events  and won 4 Medals (3 Gold,1 Silver )...

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Kingston Club Newsletter October 2017

GOLF CROQUET CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS: These will be played during golf playing days, so social players may be restricted to ONE lawn. The Committee would encourage you to use twilight time for extra social play. On Friday 27 October and 3 November no lawns will be...

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