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Play croquet at Sandy Bay

Only a ten-minute drive or bus ride from central Hobart, the Sandy Bay Croquet Club offers an excellent experience.

Set in the picturesque recreational area of Lower Sandy Bay, the Club offers social games, competitions and social events. We have three superb playing lawns, all croquet equipment and a clubhouse with full kitchen facilities and toilets.We play on every day of the week, and throughout the year. Our Club plays both Association and Golf Croquet and there are opportunities for members at all levels.

Playing Times

Sandy Bay Croquet Club has three full sized courts.

Visitors are welcome at any time – please use the Contact Form below to make arrangements or 
email the secretary: The visitor fee is $10 per day.

DayTimeTwo lawnsOne lawn
Monday10.00 - 12.30GC SocialGC Social
Monday1.00 to 4.00Concessional members
Tuesday10.00 - 12.30GC CompetitiveAC Social
Tuesday1.00 - 4.00GC Social (Pennant)GC Social
Wednesday10.00 - 12.30AC SocialAC Social (Pennant)
Wednesday1.00 - 4.00GC Social (Pennant)GC Social
Thursday10.00 - 12.30GC Competitive(Pennant)
Thursday1.00 - 4.00GC Social (Pennant)GC Social
Friday10.00 - 12.30AC Social
Friday1.00 - 4.00 GC SocialGC Social
Saturday10.00 - 12.30 AC Beginners/CoachingAC Beginners/Coaching
Saturday1.00 - 4.00GC SocialGC Social
Sunday10.00 - 12.30GC Competitive (Divs A & B)
Sunday1.00 - 4.00

Notes on Playing Times

  • Social = for any member to play any code. AC/GC social = for any member to play that code, following a random draw for playing partners/opponents.
  • GC competitive: for members who play in club championships, pennant or State GC events, or State team members.
  • Courts are usually available to any members before 10.00 am and after 4.00 pm (absent any private bookings). Any lawn may be used for practice by any full member after 10 am and 1 pm if it is free.
  • Draws: morning - 9:50 am for a 10.00 am start. Afternoon - 12.50 pm for a 1.00 pm start Monday to Friday.
  • In winter, any group wishing to start morning play at 10.30 may - please note this on the outside whiteboard.
  • For Association Croquet the Divisions are Div 1 = -3 to 7, Div 2+ = 8 to 20. Although divisions are allocated on the schedule above, any AC player may attend any AC session.
  • Public holidays are available for all members.
  • Christmas Day, Easter Friday and ANZAC Day: Lawns are open but there is no arranged play.
  • Lawn availability is subject to competition play and hires by outside bodies.
  • Double-banked games will be played under the Current Laws (AC Law 52; GC Rule 9).
  • Any Handicap play should be agreed upon before commencement of play.

Playing times are revised after the AGM in May. They may also be revised when any lawn is out for refurbishment. 


Kaye Denny
Vice President: 
Hugh Denny
Alicia Groves
Jane Hyland
Sandy Bay Croquet Club
4 Long Point Road
Sandy Bay, TAS

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