Welcome to Croquet Tasmania

Welcome to Croquet Tasmania

Croquet is popular around the world and dates back to the 13th century.   It is a wonderful sport that gets you outdoors with others and engages your muscles and your mind.

Select from one of the options to learn more about croquet or find a club near you to learn more.  We welcome visitors and new comers.

The Game

Learn about the game of croquet and some of its variations.
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Black Croquet ball at Croquet Tasmania


There are eleven Clubs in Tasmania. Find one near you.
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Upcoming Events

Event TitleEvent DateEntries CloseTypeAgencyRegion
TASMANIAN GC OPEN DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIPFri 24th May to Sun 26th May 20246:00 pm Fri 17th May 2024Golf CroquetSouth
Tasmanian GC Open SinglesFri 26th Apr to Sun 28th Apr 20246:00 pm Fri 19th April 2024Golf CroquetNorth

Tasmanian Croquet Venues

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