AC AUS Championship & Eire Cup

Heather Lovell, winner of the Association Women’s Singles Plate Event receiving her Trophy from ACA Board Member Kerri Ann Organ

Congratulations to Heather Lovell who won the AC Women’s Australian Plate final last week in Melbourne. She defeated Jane Hyland in the final: 9/7 To get to the final Heather defeated players from both Vic and Qld Not only did Heather win the Women’s AC Australian Plate final she was also instrumental in Tasmania’s most successful year at the Eire Cup since 1982 . Heather won 6 of her 10 single games with wins against players from Vic, NSW, SA and WA.

She also won 2 of the four doubles games she played (against QLD and WA). Our team won the matches against Qld (12 games to 8) and WA (11 games to 9) and won 40 games (across all states) out the 100 games played in total.

Congratulations to the Tasmanian team but especially to our members, Sue Beattie, Peter Ross, Tim Parker, Heather Lovell, Jane Hyland (Associate Member) who all contributed to such a successful tournament

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