From Sylvia Wing (St. Leonard's Club) July 7
The NTasCC has registered a business name “Tasmanian Croquet Centre”
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From  Graeme Denehey,    (Kingston Club)  July 8
It is only  a Business name and there is no other Croquet Centre in  Tasmania with that number of lawns  but I guess north south Parochialism will have  a negative effect .    I am of the personal view the State executive should have approved the change of name for the Centre.


From Robert Hamilton (Eastern Shore Club)  July 14
The name change would place extra obligations on St. Leonards to be run to the highest of standards as befits the name.
Tas Croquet should have been fully involved in the decision.


From Ruth McKean (East Launceston Club) July 15
Robert's comment is rather telling. By 'St Leonards', do you mean the St Leonards Croquet Club? It is just one of the affiliated clubs of the Centre.
Yes, I think it is a good idea, it is the largest venue in the state and is located conveniently to the north-west coast and the south.


From Lois Richards (Royal Park Croquet Club) July 15
The Centre is exactly  as the name suggests:  a centre for affiliated clubs . It is a venue  for competitions  not a club.   The TCA  have no input into the running of the Centre and the Centre is not affiliated with the TCA . Therefor the TCA  have no authority to argue on a name change. I agree with the name change as it is central to most clubs in the State and an excellent venue for the whole of Tasmania .


From June Pongratz (New Town Club) July 16
If, as suggested in one of the comments, “the TCA has no input into the running of the  Centre” , then the TCA would not necessarily have to allocate State championships etc. to the NTasCC. These events could be held elsewhere in the state.


From Joan Williams (St. Leonards Club July 24)
I don't have a problem with the name but I do have a problem with the process. If there is to be a change it should come from the owners - the affiliated clubs, not from the appointed committee, whose job is the management of the facilities for the clubs.


(Opinion from Sally Liggins, Kingston Club Dec 2 2018)

I would like to see the conditions for the AC Hilo Doubles competition changed.

The AC HiLo Doubles is one of the more important events on the CT Calendar especially as it can be a very good confidence and skills-building occasion for inexperienced players. Currently entrants usually enter as a *pair.  But this means that if you are a newish player you might feel you have to wait around shyly for an experienced player to ask you to play.  And some of the experienced players are not aware of themselves as potential mentors.

So: Perhaps it would be best to accept entries from individuals rather than pairs. Then the ‘teams’ could be created by the Tournament Manager/s according to the players’ handicaps/indices .

Also I would like to see it held as a round-robin event to make sure everyone has the maximum possible number of games.  If there are too many pairs there could be two blocks with finals held between the top scorers in each block.

*Currently the conditions do allow for people to enter individually, however very few people actually do so and they can often be disappointed when no suitable partner is  found for them.

From Jenny Parrott - Tournament Manager for AC Bronze medal event, Sandy Bay Oct 13-15

The parameters for the AC Medals Competition should be set before entry, especially for the Bronze medal.

Bronze players should have an event of their own if CT  want to encourage new players into AC croquet.

There does not seem to be any need to play the games over such a concentrated  time for higher bisque players.

And once a location is advertised it should not be changed.

Sadly, we are unable to enter the TCA Golf Croquet singles championships as there is a clash with the ACA (AC) doubles being held in Melbourne at the same time. The ACA (AC) doubles and Open are always held mid November and all the other states endeavour not to run major state events during that time period. Perhaps this should be thought about before next year's events are scheduled; with such important events, players should not have to choose between a state and a national event.
Lizzie Bassett & Ian Bassett, Club: New Town,   Oct 11 2017

July 5th 2017 From Ian and Lizzie Bassett New Town Club 

We are writing as  members of Tas Croquet.
We feel very strongly and believe that there should be one team from each in division from each club.
Clubs may decide to rotate, if that is their wish. Players should be encouraged to practice in order to progress upwards to a pennant team. We could go on adding teams ad infinitum.
Social play is being very unfairly disadvantaged by the current two team allowance. For example, Sandy Bay AC stands to lose,Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. These members pay their fees the same as everyone else & deserve consideration.
We want to see this policy changed.

August 14 from Gaylene Broom New Town,

I agree with the post July 5th, 2017 regarding one team in each division for each club

August 24 from Rob McAdam Kingston Club

I do not agree with limit of one team per club in pennant division. We MAY be limiting the opportunity for players to play a controlling body we should be encouraging more players to play competitively. There may not be any demand for more than one team per club so perhaps there is no real need for the clause to be removed from a practical point of view.
But we need to show that we want to grow our sport and not put artificial limits on its expansion.

July 5th 2017 Sally Liggins KCC

AC players in the more senior grades can compete in a Sunday Competition held over the Winter months at New Town.  It would be good to see a similar weekly competition for lower grades – we could get regular games against other players from other clubs without our handicaps being affected.

Who else would like to be part of such a tournament?

August 24 2017 Larry Hamilton Kingston

It has taken me a little too long to find this forum which is why this comment is somewhat late in appearing. Thanks Sally for the opportunity the forum provides.

I'm new to the Winter Competition and still relatively new to AC Croquet. Having had an opportunity to participate I feel the need to express three comments.

Firstly it is not surprising that this is a popular competition. Ian and Lizzie Basset (and the New Town Club) are to be commended for their hard work in putting it on. To run a competition like this one is an onerous responsibility over a long period of time. That they did so cheerfully and competently deserves commendation. Most Sundays were oversubscribed which indicates to me just how much this competition format is appreciated by players. I've certainly never played in a competition like this and I found it a very rewarding experience.

Secondly the format makes it an ideal environment for individuals to improve their game. Participating in this competition is as good as individual coaching and probably better than the individual practice I engage in. The popularity of the competition is at least as much because of the particular format as any other factor. I've not come across a competition like this before but will be seeking out opportunities like it as a way of getting better at the game.

Finally the generosity, attitude and fellowship of the participants was particularly impressive to me. The format of the competition encourages the giving of advice, the opportunity for support and encouragement and the opportunity to have a go at a higher level of play without one's handicap being at all threatened. I was by a long way the weakest player competing yet felt included and welcomed in a way that I found uplifting.

I certainly benefited from the opportunity this competition provided and very much appreciated the advice and encouragement that came my way. I think there is something important going on with the Winter Competition that all clubs should perhaps attend to. It's popularity and success attest to this. If the workload and responsibility for running it can be shared it can grow. And if it grows It will benefit this form of croquet, particularly because it provides such a great opportunity for people to improve their skills.

I don't understand why Association is not the most popular form of the game but perhaps it is because it isn't the easiest form of the game to master. There were times when I felt a little guilty taking up a scarce place in such a contested competition. I persisted though because of a conviction that it was good for my game and because everyone else seemed so encouraging. If these opportunities were more available for others who want to improve their game it would be a good thing for AC in Tasmania.



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