Event Date:  

Fri 08th Dec to Sun 10th Dec 2023


Kingston and Eastern Shore croquet clubs


Golf Croquet



Entries Close:  

6:00 pm Fri 1st December 2023

Tournament Manager: 

Peter Tracey

Contact Number: 


Contact Email: 

Host Club: 

Kingston and Eastern Shore croquet clubs

Tournament Referee: 

Lizzie Bassett

Tournament Handicapper: 

Lizzie Bassett

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Special Conditions: Special Conditions: Partners must have a difference of 4 between their handicaps and their handicaps must total 12 or greater (NOTE: the total figure has been reduced from the usual 14 to 12 to facilitate pairings)

Additional information

This GC Croquet Competition will be conducted according to the Australian Croquet Association (ACA) Tournament Regulations as found on the Australian Croquet Association Website (www.croquet-australia.com.au), together with the GC General Tournament Conditions adopted by the Tasmanian Croquet Association (Croquet Tasmania).
See the link to this on the “Events” page of the Croquet Tasmania Website (www.croquettas.com).

 Covid Protocols:

In accordance with the Covid 19 Protocols that appear under “Useful Links” on the TCA Website (www.croquettas.com)

Event Fees

Entry Fees: $10.00 per person. Each doubles player should enter separately.
Daily Lawn Fees of $5.00 per player per day are also payable to the Host Club

Payment Details

Payments can be made by Direct Deposit to:

Tasmanian Croquet Assoc Inc.
CBA Bank , BSB 067 000,
Account Number 00909056
(Please include your name on the deposit form)

Note: All entries must be made on-line and all entry fees must be made via direct debit or at a bank. If you need help with either of these conditions please ask your Club Secretary or a fellow member.

Refunds cannot be paid if you withdraw after the draw has been published.

Your name should appear on CroquetScores within a few days of your entering. If it doesn’t then contact the above host club.

Follow entry instructions below


Partner Information

Additional Information


Enter ALL your payment details below:

  • Amount Paid: by cash or direct deposit (include bank receipt number),
  • Tell us if someone else is paying for you. Or if you are paying for someone else and if so whom,
  • If you are also paying to enter another event as well.

The Treasurer needs these details to reconcile the bank account, and the Tournament Manager needs to check which entrants have actually paid.

Make your full payment to:

Tasmanian Croquet Assoc Inc.
CBA Bank , BSB 067 000,
Account Number 00909056

(include your name on the deposit form)


Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions for Association Croquet and Golf Croquet can be viewed here 

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