Pennant Teams 1 per Club - Additional Comments


July 5th 2017 From Ian and Lizzie Bassett New Town Club 

We are writing as  members of Tas Croquet.
We feel very strongly and believe that there should be one team from each in division from each club.
Clubs may decide to rotate, if that is their wish. Players should be encouraged to practice in order to progress upwards to a pennant team. We could go on adding teams ad infinitum.
Social play is being very unfairly disadvantaged by the current two team allowance. For example, Sandy Bay AC stands to lose,Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. These members pay their fees the same as everyone else & deserve consideration.
We want to see this policy changed.

August 14 from Gaylene Broom New Town,

I agree with the post July 5th, 2017 regarding one team in each division for each club

August 24 from Rob McAdam Kingston Club

I do not agree with limit of one team per club in pennant division. We MAY be limiting the opportunity for players to play a controlling body we should be encouraging more players to play competitively. There may not be any demand for more than one team per club so perhaps there is no real need for the clause to be removed from a practical point of view.
But we need to show that we want to grow our sport and not put artificial limits on its expansion.

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