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Sandy Bay Croquet Club

Customs, etiquette and laws


  • The Toss for the start of the game is made on the court.
  • At the start of your turn be ready to begin by walking towards where you will take your shot, provided you are not interfering with other players. This saves time.
  • If another game is in progress, be aware of their play and do not walk across their line of play.
  • Take care in marking balls, and do not mark a ball from another game unless you have asked the owner/player first. Do remember to replace it after you have finished your stroke.
  • Always call the Referee or opponent, when a questionable stroke is being played.
  • Accept the Referees decision and do not interfere when a decision is being made. If a point of Law, you may appeal to the Tournament Manager or Tournament Referee.
  • The Striker should play his strokes with “reasonable despatch”. In doubles play time must not be wasted in prolonged discussion or instruction.
  • As a spectator avoid making audible comments regarding the state of the game, unless asked by a Referee or Player. Also be seated away from Players and Referees.


  • When entering or leaving the court,  do not walk across a players line of play.
  • The outplayer should  anticipate, as far as possible, which ball he will play next, so that no time is wasted.
  • In doubles play, as a partner, please help with marking of balls and yarding in.
  • At the end of your turn please leave the court at the nearest point, this saves time especially in handicap games.
  • Precedence is given to the player making a break, or when a ball is in a critical position.
  • Always yard in with your back to the lawn.

“Each players enjoyment of the game depends upon the consideration and thoughtfulness of other players”

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