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Taste of Croquet package

Novice membership - half price for the first year

Sandy Bay Croquet is proud of its reputation as a friendly and social Club.


For those who are new to croquet the usual first step is to arrange for a Come-and-Try session. You will be introduced to the sport and have a chance to see how you like it. These can be arranged at any mutually convenient time. Your first time is free, and you can come a few more times on payment of the $5 lawn fee.

If you want to Come-and-Try, please email the Club Secretary at, or use our Online Contact form, at least several days in advance of when you could attend, so that we can arrange for a club member to be available. You can choose whether to come at a mutually convenient time where you will have a private session (essential if your interest is in Association Croquet), or you may wish to join in on one of our Golf Croquet social play sessions. Either way, an experienced member will give you guidance on how to play. We will supply all the necessary equipment: you will just need to wear enclosed flat soled shoes (such as trainers).

Taste of Croquet package

Following your Come-and-Try session(s), if you wish to continue your trial period, we can offer you a Taste of Croquet package - either $20 for a month, or $50 for three months. This will entitle you to attend the club as many times as you like during social play sessions for that period. Both informal and formal coaching can be offered within this structure (and can continue after you join). The maximum period for which you can hold a Taste of Croquet package is three months. You can apply for a Taste of Croquet package here.

At any time during your Taste of Croquet period, you may decide to join our Club. Simply fill out the New Member Application Form, asking two members to support your application. The current membership will be informed of your application, and the SBCC Committee will consider it within a week. During this waiting time, you may continue to attend social play.

Novice Membership

Once your membership has been approved by the Committee, your year of Novice Membership will start. You will fill in the Membership Form and pay half of the full membership fee - currently $165 per annum - plus the ACA and TCA levies totaling $66. When your Novice Membership runs out, you will switch to the full rate (pro-rata for the remainder of that Club financial year). Members are not charged Lawn Fees.

Experienced croquet players coming from another club can apply to become full members directly, by filling in the New Member Application Form

Once you are a member, you can access the Club at any time (the Club will supply you with your own key).

Information for members can be found by clicking here.

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