HiLo Doubles Competition Conditions.


(Opinion from Sally Liggins, Kingston Club Dec 2 2018)

I would like to see the conditions for the AC Hilo Doubles competition changed.

The AC HiLo Doubles is one of the more important events on the CT Calendar especially as it can be a very good confidence and skills-building occasion for inexperienced players. Currently entrants usually enter as a *pair.  But this means that if you are a newish player you might feel you have to wait around shyly for an experienced player to ask you to play.  And some of the experienced players are not aware of themselves as potential mentors.

So: Perhaps it would be best to accept entries from individuals rather than pairs. Then the ‘teams’ could be created by the Tournament Manager/s according to the players’ handicaps/indices .

Also I would like to see it held as a round-robin event to make sure everyone has the maximum possible number of games.  If there are too many pairs there could be two blocks with finals held between the top scorers in each block.

*Currently the conditions do allow for people to enter individually, however very few people actually do so and they can often be disappointed when no suitable partner is  found for them.

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