February 2023

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  • New Members Welcome Party: Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday 24 February from 5 pm!
  • Club Championships Please consider entering the GC Club Championships, to be held in the second half of February, and March. Entries close Friday 10 February. If you have been a member for less that 2 years, you should enter the Rene Hortle event! AC Club Championships will follow later. We will play the Handicap Singles as Advantage croquet, which is a version of GC where a player (or doubles team) with a higher handicap is given a start on hoops, while a lower handicapper may start with negative hoops. Details are on the games noticeboard, and members are invited to try it out, by agreement before play starts.
  • AGM - The date of our AGM is Saturday 13 May, at 10.30 in the clubhouse. Please add this to your diary. There will be some committee positions vacant. Please think about nominating: this is a great opportunity to contribute to your club.
  • Pennants: The AC pennants are on now, with our Division A and B teams playing. GC pennants will start on Tuesday 21 March and run for 9 or 10 weeks: Div 3 Tuesdays, Div 1 Wednesdays and Div 2 Thursdays. Keep your eye out for the sign up call.
  • GC coaching for beginners continues on Saturday mornings at 10. All are welcome, especially if you are fairly new to the game, but even if you need a refresher on the basics. The 18 February session will be followed at around 11 by a session on the Laws of GC - everyone is welcome to attend.
  • Lawn renovation We will be renovating all our lawns soon, possibly from 7 March. They will need to rest for a week afterwards.
  • Outside hires - a group from St Aloysius will use C lawn on the Friday mornings of 17 and 24 February. On Saturday 25 February, from 4 pm, we will host an 18th birthday party - the birthday boy learned croquet on a previous school visit. We need a couple of volunteers to run each of these sessions - contact me if you can do it.
  • Congratulations to Callum Hyland (with Robert Fletcher) who won the Victorian Open Doubles, and Jane Hyland who won the CT AC Open Women’s Singles.
  • Twilight croquet continues on Wednesday evenings, starting at 5.00 and finishing when the last person locks up. It is open to members and Taste holders, and members’ occasional guest: bring your own food and drinks and play any version of the game you wish.
  • Drinks If you take a drink out of the fridge, or a bottle of wine, please donate the appropriate amount to the club.
  • Welcome to Jude Andrewartha, Steve Andrewartha, Lesley Oliver and Caroline Knipe as new members of the club.

Tim Sprod, Secretary, Sandy Bay Croquet Club


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