October 2022

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  • Congratulations to our own Jane Hyland, who recently won the Croquet Tasmania AC Women’s Medal, despite being seeded fifth out of six. Excellent croquet, Jane!
  • A Membership numbers cap of 105 playing members has been adopted. We are currently a little below that number, and so have room for a few new members. However, if the cap is reached, new applicants will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Pennants: AC pennant Please note that we have home games on Wednesday 12 October, and Thursdays 20 and 27 October. Social play opportunities will be restricted on those days.

GC pennant will start on Tuesday 1 November.  We have entered two Division 1, one Division 2 and two Division 3 teams. Great to see so many members getting involved in competition. When the draws are finalized, we will let you know the effects on social play.

  • AC Divisional Medals will be played 21-23 October. SBCC is one of the venues, depending on the number of entries. If we are hosting games, we will be asking for some help with catering.
  • Hoops To help maintain our lawns in excellent playing condition, we will soon be setting up three positions for each hoop: two for social play, which can be rotated to prevent deep rabbit runs forming, and one for competitive play only. The unused holes will be filled with removable plugs. We are also getting signs made to indicate which is the starting corner for GC social play to help avoid confusion.
  • Covid policy We are redrafting our policy. Please let us emphasize that, whatever government instructions are, members who think they may be sick with any infectious condition are asked to stay away from the club until better. The age profile of our club means we have to be extra careful.
  • Outside Users: Friends’ School students will play on Tuesday 18 October 11:30 – 1pm. We will also have some visitors join in GC social play on Monday 17 October for Seniors Week. Apologies for any interruption to social play.
  • Mallets Check yours is labelled with your name. We will be culling un-named mallets soon. Make sure you look after your mallet, especially if it is wooden. Dry it before storing it.
  • Name tags: Hugh has rearranged the name tags, so yours is likely to be in a different position. All members are in alphabetical order and have a number. We are exploring ways to make the results of social play draws accessible to members without needing to enter the clubhouse.


Tim Sprod, Secretary, Sandy Bay Croquet Club


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