Ted Nicholas Novice Competition (reply appended)


This valuable AC competition has been held by New Town Club for many years and is an excellent event for enticing new players into entering Tournaments.  However it may be that the rules need some revision!

These days many new AC players migrate from GC played on full-sized lawns so perhaps half-lawns are no longer appropriate.  Also given that it is a very rare novice player who can peg out in the allowed 2.5 hours (2.25 hours in 2015) perhaps the allowed time or the number of hoops should be reduced. Entrants could be playing three games in a day so shorter games would be kinder to them.  It would be a pity to lose potential AC competition players because they were put off by a gruelling first event.

Posted anonymously July 3 2017

Reply from Lizzie Bassett - New Town July 11 2017

New Town has rewritten the rules for this novice competition after discussion with committee and previous entrants. It will be advertised well in advance and most likely will be in January. It will be played on full size courts. The games will be 2 hours and extra turn. Mentors will not be used but there will be "friendly" referees who MAY make suggestions at appropriate times, including suggestions for all players at the end of each game. As well as the perpetual trophy, which is inscribed and remains at New Town, we will be offering small prizes for first and second placings, that the players can keep.


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